well below average height
Syn: ↑pint-size, ↑runty, ↑sawed-off, ↑sawn-off
Similar to: ↑short, ↑little
Derivationally related forms: ↑runt (for: ↑runty), ↑runtiness (for: ↑runty)
Usage Domain:
slang, ↑cant, ↑jargon, ↑lingo, ↑argot, ↑patois, ↑vernacular

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pintˈ-size or pintˈ-sized adjective (informal)
Very small, usu of a person
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Main Entry:pint

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pint-sized variant [ˈpaɪnt ˌsaɪzd]
Main entry: pint-size

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pint-sized «PYNT SYZD», adjective.
Informal. relatively small in size; smaller than the standard size of its kind; small: »

a pint-sized tractor. They also developed a pint-sized gas turbine delivering 5 to 10 horsepower (M. Mildred Wyatt).

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(also pint-size) adj. informal very small

at age seven, he was a pint-sized superstar | a pint-sized apartment

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/ˈpaıntˌsaızd/ (or pint-size) /ˈpaıntˌsaız/ adj
informal : very small

pint-sized children

a pint-sized actress

The restaurant serves pint-sized portions.

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ˈpint-sized [pint-sized] adjective (informal)
(of people) very small

a pint-sized child star

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